The training Hazel has delivered has been to an excellent standard, training sessions have had the right mix of practical content and have been facilitated by Hazel in a fantastic manner. I have been a senior manager/ director for over 30 years and have definitely increased my knowledge and skill base as a direct result of the training provided.”
Richard FrostOperations controller
Attending the Insights session with Hazel really opened my eyes as to how varied everyone’s perception of themselves and others can be. It also gave me a fantastic insight into the different ways in which people approach tasks. The programme has definitely helped both me and my colleagues in the HR Team immensely as we understand each other more and have more patience, knowing that we all operate differently. The training was engaging, open and honest, without this nature of delivery I don’t think I would have taken away anywhere near as much understanding of others or their styles – thank you!”
Katie DaviesHR Administrator
When your work place sets up their training days, invariably you think ‘oh no here we go again!!’, however that trend has now been well and truly bucked since arriving at Creed Food Service.

Hazel Gibson delivers our training days with a vigour and vibrancy that makes the day fly by and you actually come away having enjoyed it and really talking about how you would implement your learnings into your working day.

My most recent experience was how to prepare a customer presentation to people of different Insight Colours…previously it would be the same style for all…not now , I am more confident already on delivering a short sharp to the point pitch to a meandering chatty more personalised pitch. Thanks Hazel.”
Gary FarrellBusiness Development Manager
I recently attended a couple of course with Hazel, both of which were very enjoyable and informative. The structure from both sessions was very well thought out and well planned. Hazel had a great balance of information, guidance and fun. I have taken a lot from both sessions.”
Emma RichardsonTelesales team leader
Hazel is a well practised and effective communicator who has a natural ability to engage with her audience. She makes learning easy, whilst still delivering key notes and points of a curriculum.

I have received several courses from Hazel, from which I have always taken away some ‘golden nuggets’ which I have applied to my every day working environment, and showing that theory can be put into practice.”
Tony YoudInventory and Supply chain controller
I really enjoyed taking part in the insights and coaching training I feel that it has helped me greatly in what I want to achieve not just within the company and my career but also how I can improve as a person and develop my skills.

I have used what I’ve learnt on the course to help develop my team using the different coaching methods and also learning to work with the opposite colours in the wheel, which is something I struggled with before.

I thought the courses themselves were very well run and you do a fantastic job in getting the message across, I very much look forward to the next time. Thank You Again.”
Adam MockfordWarehouse supervisor
All the training has helped in my progression as an assistant manager with Creed Foodservice, in particular I am demonstrating the coaching course with my colleagues and found the training to be highly beneficial.

With greater confidence I am now holding monthly transport meetings using the presentation skills in my power point slides.

With your help & guidance the courses have proved to be invaluable in my newly appointed roll within Creed Foodservice.”
Bill DuncanAssistant transport manager
I have always found your training sessions to be engaging informative and enjoyable.

At no time did I feel under pressure and I always came away with more knowledge about the business my colleagues and myself.”
Peter DavisTrading controller
Having been employed at manager level for the majority of the last 27 years when faced with a training course, you often either feel that you know it all and don’t expect to learn anything or else you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your peers or employees. I would like to say Hazel delivered her course in such an engaging way that all fears of embarrassment were lost and the content delivered was interesting and informative to all levels of skill and knowledge. I remembered things I had forgotten but most importantly I learnt loads and now feel confident that I shall put what I have learnt in practice!! Highly recommended.”
Cheryl GreenBusiness Development Manager


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