There are a variety of ways that Hazel can help you achieve your personal and business goals. Hazel will help you identify what training and support is required, from a one off specialist workshop through to a programme of blended learning using classroom and on the job training and 1:1 coaching. The options below will help to give you a flavour of what Hazel can offer.

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    This is the building block that will help individuals to improve their performance by:

    • Increasing understanding of themselves, their style and approach
    • Knowing how they interact with and impact others
    • Exploring how they can grow and improve in specific areas

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    To help Individuals develop the key skills and attributes they need to manage and lead their teams. To maximise their own and their team’s performance which will help achieve business goals and targets. From a first management role to senior roles.

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    To develop essential sales skills with a structured approach for Telesales and Fieldsales. Follow a clear process and steps of the call for both telephone and face to face selling which will help individuals improve their performance, maximise their sales and achieve targets. Individuals will also Identify their own selling style and learn how to effectively connect with and improve their customer relationships.

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    To learn the latest essential coaching skills and techniques, which will help individuals to work more effectively with their teams to deliver the required business results. Use coaching models to structure and make your coaching conversations more effective by identifying underperforming and performing learning needs.

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    Insights Discovery is the world’s most powerful psychometric profiling tool, which helps individuals to understand themselves better and build confidence. Insights is a tool that recognises an individual’s behaviour to help improve communication, decision making and performance. Popular products include:

    • Personal profile
    • Performing under pressure
    • Full Circle 360 degree feedback
    • Team effectiveness
    • Transformational Leadership

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    For individuals who need tools and techniques to get the best out of their teams. Focusing on how to build good performance and effectively manage poor performance. Being proactive in identifying and developing individuals with potential and identifying and tackling Individuals with performance issues.

Supporting workshops

Communication skills

How to effectively connect and adapt your style to get the most from your communications.

Dealing with conflict

Develop the skills needed to handle conflict positively by understanding your own reactions and responses and the impact these might have.

Engaging and motivating your team

Identify behaviours which drive engagement and plan how to motivate individuals and teams.

Presentation skills

Design and deliver engaging and impactful presentations that effectively communicate your key message.

Train the trainer

Develop the knowledge and skills required by a trainer in the design, preparation, delivery and evaluation of a training session.

Conducting work reviews and appraisals

Improve individual’s performance by setting clear targets and conducting effective work reviews and appraisals.


Delegate the right things in the right way, recognise and understand how it can be used to develop your team into high performance.

Managing change

Understand the effect that change has on individuals and develop a more effective style of leadership to support and lead people through periods of change.

Team effectiveness

Assess the effectiveness of your team in four key areas of its functioning and identify areas to focus on.

Customer service

Appreciate the real value of good customer service and the impact it can have on the business.

Facilitation skills

Successfully facilitate different types of meetings and events to ensure they add value to the business.

Personal effectiveness programme

Learn about ‘personal process’ management. Find ways to cut the wasted effort and focus on what adds value and what doesn’t.

Time management

Some key principles and approaches to help you to proactively manage your time and increase your effectiveness in the workplace.